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Video & Mobile Learning Survey

A quantitative look at eLearning, mLearning, and Interactive Video

interactive video survey

The first Video & Mobile Learning Survey (VMLS), conducted by Nima Hunter Inc. for Viddler, polled 115 learning & development professionals, instructional designers and corporate executives in the U.S. Respondents answered several key questions about e-Learning, m-Learning and Interactive Video, including:

  • What are current levels of familiarity with key concepts?
  • What are planned levels of investment & spending priorities?
  • What are some of the high potential applications for interactive video?
  • How important are various interactive video features?
  • How will organizations meet increased demand for interactive video?

The survey results clearly indicate that changes in the workforce, changes in the nature of work, and opportunities created by the digital workplace call for a shift to new learning and development solutions with intuitive functionality that incorporate mobile learning and on-demand interactive video.