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Measure the effectiveness of your videos


Learn about viewer behavior and engagement

Gain insights on how your viewers are interacting with your content.

We need to really understand who is watching it, what they are watching, and how they are interacting with the different videos.
— Eight Communications

Video analytics allow you to continuously improve the effectiveness of your videos.

Understand how your videos perform

  • View individual video or account analytic data
  • Measure viewer attention span per video
  • Identify your top performing content
  • See the geographic area viewers are watching from
  • Export and share key analytical data with your team
  • Learn which websites are embedding your videos

Do your web and video analytics integrate?

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Eric McClatchy, Marketing Manager of Viddler, presented a video analytics webinar for KISSmetrics.

"The Black Hole of Video Analytics" prevents your ability to relate your video analytics to your website goals and metrics, severely limiting the insights your video analytics can bring.

Topics Covered:

  • What is the "Black Hole"
  • How to avoid the "Black Hole"
  • Advanced video reports and charts
  • Experiments to improve video effectiveness

Watch the Webinar and View the In-Video Discussion Below


Viddler offers Web Analytics Integration to avoid the "Black Hole"

Viddler offers an option for clients to easily integrate with popular web analytics platforms.  All we need is the analytics tracking ID and Viddler will start sending valuable video event metrics to your web analytics platform.  

Viddler currently supports the following Analytics platforms and more can be added on request: