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Proactive Prospecting



Tibor Shanto is a sales execution specialist who was ranked eighth on's 2014 Social Salespeople list. He has been a sales leader for more than 25 years, helping companies such as Pitney Bowes, Imperial Oil (ESSO), ChevronTexaco, Spirent Communication and others, improve their sales execution and results.  Shanto is a sought-after trainer, speaker and co-author of the award-winning book, "Shift! Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers."  



Before Tibor arrived, our sales people were averaging less than 0.6 in-person meetings with prospects per week. That number has risen to and been sustained at 4.6 per week and the impact on our business has been tangible (and very profitable). Tibor has left a lasting impression on our corporate results.

Nigel Robertson
Vice President & District Manager, Business Development Bank of Canada


Based on internal tracking Ian Martin saw an increase of over 25% in appointments booked by the team. Beyond the impact on prospecting, there was a noticeable improvement in the way the team approached their market and handled client interactions. “We found many of the habits and disciplines Renbor brought to prospecting carried over to the way our team executed the over all sales process.

Rob Chorney
General Manager, Ian Martin Information Technology





The Proactive Prospecting Program is a proven program designed specifically for outbound prospecting, not just a repurposed selling program.  Skills and execution Above The Pipeline are different than those required to close opportunities already In The Pipeline.  The program's singular focus is getting that first engagement, that initial Appointment, be that face to face, via phone, or web meeting app.  The program is built from the ground up to develop the habits and practices required to generate more conversions of leads to opportunities, be they from Marketing generated leads, or self-sourced targets/leads. 

The content and program are road tested and proven by thousands of sales people at hundreds of companies.  It is focused as much on how to deliver the best content, as how to create and manage the dynamics of creating engagement.  Participants learn to create effective Talk Tracks, deal with the most common objections, leave voice mails that get returned, e-mails, gatekeepers and more.  


Results from Proactive Prospecting Program include:

  • Increased conversion of conversations to Opportunities
  • Take a proactive role in expanding opportunity base
  • Develop actionable plans for engaging with all potential stakeholders
  • Master complete technique for making successful Outbound calls
  • Use Metrics & Data to Drive results
  • Anticipate and manage negative responses to their initial call
  • Leveraging Impact Questions
  • Effectively deal with gatekeepers and voicemail  


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