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Super Star Sales Presentations: How to Drive More Sales

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    Are you losing sales your feel you deserve to make?

    Is it difficult for your prospects to tell the difference between you and your competition?

    Would it be helpful if your prospects could vividly describe why other satisfied clients just like them chose you?

    Do you invest time and resources to get in front to decision makers?

    Now you have an opportunity do you spend the appropriate amount of time perfecting and customizing your presentation?

    If you are like most honest leaders and sales professionals your answer is no.

    Whatever your answer this webinar is perfect for you. You will learn how to:

    • Adapt the number one way to resonate with your prospects
    • Structure your conversation from the point of view of your listeners
    • Get more buy in for your point of view
    • Incorporate memorable stories and examples
    • Open with impact and close on a high
    • Make the right impression for the right reasons

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    When your message must be memorable, your presentation powerful, and your sales successful you need to know Patricia Fripp. She is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, executive speech coach, sales presentation skills expert, and on line learning expert. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine wrote that the sixth best way to invest in your success is to learn presentation skills from Patricia Fripp. For three decades Patricia has helped executives and sales teams more persuasively get their message across to drive results.