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Betsy Allen

Betsy Allen  has been coaching, consulting, and training for over 20 years. A Harvard Business School graduate and certified Gazelles International Executive Coach, she partners with inspired leaders to help them scale and sustain results, respect and revenue.

As a Certified Objective Management Group Partner, Betsy helps you assess your sales process, system and individual sales leaders to establish your baseline, attract sales stars with STAR (Sales Talent Acquisition Routine), assess candidates to help you avoid bad sales hires (avoiding $160k loss according to recent research), and develops your sales teams to close the gap between where you are and where you need to be to reach World Class Sales System Status!

Partial list of clients include: Access Group of New Zealand; Bolinda Publishing of Australia; Continuum HR in Florida & throughout US; Elekta in Georgia, UK & Sweden; Pelican Wire Holding Group in Florida & Colorado, Quantum IT in Australia, UK and US; Storm Promotions in Australia, Ventura Manufacturing in Hungary, Mexico, Michigan, Poland, & Shanghai, to name a few.