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Viddler Sales Academy

An Enterprise Solution

If you have existing video training content, use the Viddler Training Suite platform to make your interactive video training program more effective. You can implement VTS into the mix of your sales enablement tools to further boost your team's sales performance and skills.


Technology for interactive video training.

We help teams and trainers deliver knowledge, practice skills, and measure performance - with a secure, interactive, video-based SaaS platform.



Viddler Training Suite Delivers.

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Reliable Technology

  • Depend on our secure, straightforward management of your users, groups, and media.
  • Access you media content on any device-with our interactive, responsive player.
  • Integrate Viddler with your existing training system or LMS.

Effective Training

  • Share best practices and improve competency across the organization and across the globe.
  • Deliver precise, interactive feedback and coaching, with in-video interactions through comments, questions, and integrated audio/video recording.
  • Enrich in-person training and drive ongoing improvement with continued practice reinforcement.
measurable results

Measurable Results

  • Highlight proven skills competency with Viddler certification programs.
  • Leverage insights from quizzing and role-plays, to show improvement over time and across teams.
  • Track progress with reports that offer consistent rating criteria for assignments, progress measurement, and completion.

Mobile First
Deliver secure, "just in time" training, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
In-Player Interactivity
Interact with specific moments in the content, to engage learners in a manner that resembles class-based interactions.
Role Play
Defeat the "forgetting curve" by giving learners a way to practice their new skills remotely.
Track User Progress
Capture and evaluate individual user learning progress.
Coaching & Feedback
Scale your ability to coach remote workers with context specific feedback and interactions.
Use performance ratings and interactions to foster healthy team competition.

We are trusted by thousands of companies to make learning better with interactive video training.
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