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Connect to Influencers & Decision Makers More Effectively



Ron LaVine is the CEO and Founder of Accelerate Your Sales Results, Inc. His firm, located in Oak Park, California, is dedicated to the art of live phone prospecting. Ron conducts onsite, virtual, and remote training worldwide and has worked across many industries and specialty areas.



Learn how to transition from selling-mode to information mode for better results while prospecting. There are three sequential segments including crafting voicemails that trigger call backs, setting up your first call for success, and nailing the first impression meeting. Our expert instructor will show his signature approach of staying in information mode and then ask you to complete several assignments that he can give tailored, valuable feedback.

Topics Include:

  • Voicemails That Trigger a Call Back
  • Setting up your First Call
  • Winning the First Impression Meeting



I hired Ron to help my sales team at IBM with their phone prospecting efforts. As seasoned as they were, there is always a need for a refresher in call basics. Ron did a masterful job and I was pleased with the results as our qualified pipeline increased 219%. There's still one technique that I remember and use to this day that is extremely effective in reaching power in the account but you'll have to hire Ron to hear about it!

Mark Whittenburg
WebSphere SMB Executive for Americas, IBM


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