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Arpeggio Features

Explore the possibilities of our interactive HTML5 player


Effective video content deserves a great video player!

Take a closer look at Arpeggio’s features — each designed to make your media content more valuable to your users, and in turn make your company, organization, classroom, or publication more effective.

Arpeggio Player Features

HTML5 video settings icon

Standard Media Controls — Arpeggio’s player controls (play/pause, volume, HD/quality selector, full-screen, and timeline scrubber) can be made visible or selectively hidden. They can also be customized to reflect brand identity.

HTML5 video mobile icon

Responsive States for Mobile — Arpeggio’s responsive design architecture lets your videos and player controls adjust to the size of any device screen. Player controls automatically move to more device appropriate positions on smaller screens.

HTML5 video accessibility icon

Accessibility — Arpeggio player supports alternate text for all controls to be read by screen readers, tabbing through controls, and other features as part of the standard offering. (Advanced accessibility options, like audio descriptions, can be added as custom features.

HTML5 video multi-language caption icon

Robust Caption Support — The Arpeggio player fully supports .SRT caption files provided by the publisher. Multiple language caption files can be added. A user menu is generated when multiple caption files are added to one media item.

HTML5 video fixed image overlay icon

Fixed Image Overlay Display — Arpeggio users can position a logo or other image file (like a “learn more” or “get started” graphic) on the player, adjust image transparency, and add a permalink URL.

HTML5 In-video Discussion icon

Timeline Commenting — Arpeggio lets administrators or users add in-video comments and tags to any video. These can be moderated, and can be displayed in a separate, customizable area of the screen. In-video tags can also be used to navigate to selected locations in a video timeline.

HTML5 Video Speed Control icon

Playback Speed Controls — Sometimes viewers want to get through your content faster (or want to slow down a quick presentation). Arpeggio’s optional speed control will let them do just that.

HTML5 Video Skip Control icon

Skip-Ahead and Go-Back Controls — For viewers who need shortcuts, these controls give them quick options to go back when they get interrupted, or jump ahead when they are looking for something specific. The Arpeggio player will allow you to set the length of time for each control option.

HTML5 Video Chaptering icon

Chaptering Menus — Navigating through longer videos can be difficult for online learners. With Arpeggio’s chaptering menus feature, users can go easily to any pre-set point in the video timeline.