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Shark Tank Survival Guide: Find out the dos and don'ts of pitching investors based on insights from the popular TV show.

LinkedIn Profile Fundamentals For Social Selling: Transform your Linkedin profile from employer-facing to customer -facing one meant for social sharing.

Understanding Value-Centric Selling: Learn how to position your value, not your price by identifying the KPIs that motivate buyers. 

Planning and Hacks for Sales Call Preparation: Closing the deal doesn't have to be hard if you have an effective sales call plan.

Cold Calling Confidence: Develop the proper cold calling scripts and strategic tools to successfully prospect.                            

Proactive Prospecting: The program's singular focus is getting that first engagement, that initial Appointment.                                            

3 Tips to Presenting A Winning Sales Strategy: Build an actionable plan that defines what you sell and who you are selling to

Metrics That Matter for Salespeople:   Get fluency in the language of business by understanding metrics that matter most to client: TCO, ROI,  KPIs , & more!

6 Steps to Making Objections Work in Your Favor:  The better you get at handling objections, the more deals you will close. 

How to Block Objections: Getting buyers to say "Yes" begins by first reducing their resistance.                                                                   

How to Influence Change:  Learn how to create a sense of urgency and other tactics to get clients to make a buying decision.

Redefine Your Relationship With Networking:  Unlock the most valuable asset you have - YOUR network.                         

Resolution For The "I'll Have To Think It Over Trap": Using simple tactics, anticipate why a buyer may be stalling and prevent this. 

Closing the Credibility Gap: Closing a sale often depends highly on whether or not the client trusts you.                                           

Creating Success In Channel Sales: Explore options for using channels (distribution) to move their product into the market. 

Intro to Inbound Selling: Learn how to respond to these inquiries and position your product or service with the potential buyer. 

How To Exceed Your Goals: Develop the perfect strategy for achieving your goals, today!

Sales Reset: The world of selling has changed, forget what you know and learn the new rules of selling here.

Sales Conversations: Learn to be a great 'story teller' and be more memorable in the buyers mind.

Effective Sales Presentation: Here is your blueprint for killer client presentations!                                                           

  How to Drive More Sales:  Improve your sales presentation skills easily, conveniently and cost effectively.

How to Drive More Sales: Improve your sales presentation skills easily, conveniently and cost effectively.

6 Levers For Developing A Unique Sales Culture: Create an environment that nurtures and encourages innovative thinking.

 Connect to Influencers & Decision Makers : Try these hacks for finding new business opportunities and getting appointments with influential people.

Grown Your Business The Easy Way With Referrals: Learn the secrets of how to ask for and get referrals from others.

Sales Presence: Keep your buyers engaged and learn what it takes to create and have Sales Presence.

Pricing Strategies: Learn the eight pricing tactics presented in this course to boost your margins!

A 360-Degree Business Development Process: Game-changing solution that greatly improves business.                                 

Inside the Brain of Today's Buyer: Learn how to grab the buyer's attention and identify what motivates them to make a buying decision.

Leveraging Linkedin To Win More Business: In  this Social Selling Bootcamp, you will learn how to master Linkedin for generating more leads.

How To Sell 101: Your sales foundation and all the basics start here.                              

Sales Force Management: Managing a sales team can be tough. Learn how to manage and coach them to success!

Monday Morning Sales Workout: Look to this series to facilitate weekly team workouts for unbelievable performance

Learning the Role of Keynote Speaker: Master the key elements of developing an impactful presentation with a clear and concise message.