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6 Steps to Making Objections Work in Your Favor


Alice Heiman is a nationally recognized sales expert who has been helping companies increase sales for more than 20 years. Her innovative sales programs produce results. Other sales coaches tell you how to increase sales but few show you exactly what to do and make it so easy. Alice will show your sales leaders how to get consistent and sustainable sales growth. She has been featured with numerous television and radio broadcasts as well as been featured in publications including Entrepreneur’s Startups and Selling Power magazines. Over the course of two decades of teaching others the fine art of selling, she’s earned a host of awards including Saleswoman of the Year, Marketer of the Year, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Blue Ribbon Award.


Objections are a natural part of the sales process. The better you get at handling objections, the more deals you will close. Learn how to turn objections into a close by:

  • Understanding why people have objections
  • Asking good questions to understand the objection before providing a solution
  • Using my 6 simple step process to handle objections and close the deal


Alice knows sales inside and out so she can help you grow your sales and bottom line. Her sales strategies, coaching and facilitation are definitely heads above others. 

Valerie Cardenas, President, Strategic Essentials

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